Why use PlayerLineup? We already have a Facebook group.

Perhaps you are communicating digitally now through Facebook or some type of shared calendar or shared document, and you may be asking yourself why you need PlayerLineup. The answer is simple: PlayerLineup is tailored to sports teams. In some cases a Facebook or WhatsApp group may be good enough, but if your team is active, then PlayerLineup offers important time-saving benefits.

PlayerLineup is for the time-conscious coach/manager. Coaches, managers, parents and players around the world have benefited from this easy, fun and economical website.


"There are just so many means of communication for a sports team today. Some create WhatsApp groups that end up being about everything and the kitchen sink. Some team members have in addition their own Whatsapp groups, while others are not using the app at all. And if I use only email, the team members can't see each other's replies. That's why PlayerLineup is the most sensible solution for us."

—Jochen, coach, die Luchse

PlayerLineup is targeted to sports teams

  • Playerlineup was created by individuals who are players, parents, coaches and managers
  • You need to know who will show up. No maybe's
  • Track individual and team statistics; manage your team calendar for games, practices and events.
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Targeted to sports teams
Pricing - Free
No more 'Maybe' - you'll know exactly who'll attend
Customize event types - practice, games, social events
Customize player roles - offense, defense, goalie, coach
Players' parents - guardians stay up-to-date on the team's news
Event and messages archives - see past events and notifications
View and export attendance statistics - export to Excel
Respond for your team mates - cut down response time
Set the lineup for a game - players confirm their attendance
Instant notifications to team members - SMS and email
Import calendar - import from another calendar to the team's calendar
Export calendar - sync with your personal calendar
Works on all devices - check you mobile and never miss an update
Login using Facebook account - no new credentials
Made in the EU
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The opposing team is using PlayerLineup.
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The opposing team is using PlayerLineup.
Register your team and take (back) control of your life!