Introduction and Features offers your team an easy-to-use and feature-rich homepage. With a single glance you'll see the latest updates and attendance to your team's events.

Team Calendar

The calendar lets you know when practices, matches, informal get-togethers and tournament trips are. A shared calendar helps the whole group schedule their activities and reminds everyone about upcoming events a good while in advance. The calendar is easy to edit and all changes are visible to everyone immediately.

Participant Lists

Gather a list of participants for team events. It is much easier for the coach to plan practices when he/she knows in advance who is going to show up. Even the more seasoned veterans will be a lot happier to show up when they already know their friends will be there!


Team can protect their team pages by a password, and if necessary, all the information can be hidden. Team information is stored securely in a database, where access is limited and controlled accurately.

Messaging enables effective messaging between team members. Recipient addresses are always neatly in order and the messages find their targets quickly. Message threads are saved on the team's pages and they can be read in the message archives. You'll also be able to keep the players' parents in the loop, if required.

Calendar To Go

The team calendar can also be easily integrated into your personal calendar. The information is in a standard format that almost all calendar programs can read. Sometimes the digital calendar is just not enough and you want to have a printed out version of the calendar on your fridge door. This can be easily achieved on a page made specifically for this purpose.

Team Roster

The contact information of your team members, complete with profile pictures, is kept safe and up-to-date: each player in your team can update his or her own information on the My Profile-page. The basic information fields to be filled in are Name, Email address and Phone number. You and your team can add more information fields as you see fit.

Easily Remembered Address

Your team's website will have an easy-to-remember address that follows the form On that address people can find all the info they need about your team, including contact information. And, if someone outside your team is interested in finding out more, you'll have an easy-to-remember web address to share with her/him.

Text Messaging

The teams who have subscribed to the Pro Package have access to additional services, such as group text messaging. Text messages are a handy way to quickly contact the entire team at once and inform them about last-minute changes. Text messages are a viable and effective mode of communication. Please note, that the availability of this service may be dependent on your location.

Automatic Newsletter

Once a week, all your team's current news, messages, pictures and files are compiled into an automated Weekly Newsletter that is sent to every member of your team (except those who don't wish to receive it). This Weekly Newsletter also includes reminders of the upcoming week's events.

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On the test team page you can try out most of the features we offer. The test account lets you see all the features available to basic-level users. In addition to these, the team managers have their own pages where they can edit the team's information more extensively. All messages and events created on the test page are reset hourly, so feel free to experiment with all the features available to you!

Playerlineup is a great tool for communication and we can keep our playbooks on here as well as communicate with parents, players and coaches all at the same time. I love this program and believe it is an incredible tool.

Jim Nendel, Coach, NWC Crusaders

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