The Team Calendar – Your Management Power Tool

Improve your team management skills by an order of magnitude, expending much less time – and all without investing a penny! The Team Calendar is part of a suite of power tools for recreational sports team managers and coaches. Check the right sidebar to see what the Team Calendar can do. No more playing email tag and searching for phone numbers. And this is what you will see when you call up the Team Calendar:

Example of monthly calendar

Do you like what you see? Nothing could be simpler or faster than setting up your team with its own FREE Team Calendar AND complete website.

After you receive your email confirmation, you are ready to create your Team Calendar and let your players know that they now have their very own team website.

The opposing team is using Playerlineup. Shouldn't you?

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  1. A website and internet address for your team. Absolutely free of charge!
  2. Keep everyone notified easily and efficiently.
  3. Coordinate your team's games and practices with our online calendar.
  4. Gather sign-up lists for team events on one page.
  5. Quickly inform everyone of last minute changes.
  6. Share photos and important files with your team.
  7. Arrange your team roster into groups.
  8. All information is available 24/7.

Register your team! is a free service for sports teams. Welcome aboard!

Our Team Calendar is not limited to Sports!

The PlayerLineup website system is so flexible that it can easily function for many different groups. We have tens of thousands of users, and they are not limited to sports teams. All love our Team Calendar function and its seamlessly integrated sign-up system that keeps everyone on the same page. Here are some examples of our many different user groups:

  • A group of friends uses the calendar to schedule their social events, such as evening get-togethers and road trips.
  • A group of sports fishers uses the calendar to make sure everyone has equal access to the group boat.
  • A teacher collects attendance statistics of her students and notifies them of schedule changes and important issues.
  • A gym notifies its customers of class openings and collects sign-up lists for aerobics classes.

The team calendar can be made public so that notifying the masses and recruiting new members becomes a lot easier. Here is our example team’s monthly calendar. How would you like to improve communication with YOUR group? It’s easy and FREE. It takes just 60 seconds to


After you receive your email confirmation, you are ready to create your Group Calendar and let your members know that they now have their very own club website. Check our HOME and MORE FEATURES pages for all the other cool things your club website can do for you – including a Newsletter no one has to write!


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